16 March 2015

Holding the Fort in Site Blackout

The major storms in Sydney on Wednesday night 11th March 2015 hit the Dowell Smithfield site in a big way. On coming to work early on Thursday morning staff found the storms had cut all electricity to the site.

Aware of the impact this was going to have on our customers Dowell staff and management teams pulled together quickly to make alternative work arrangements. Dowell’s cloud based IT systems meant that working remotely was a possibility with staff either working from home, on mobile devices or at the offices of Dowell’s sister companies G.James and Wunderlich Plastics.

Power crews worked for 2 days with the power coming back on late Friday. Just in time for the production teams to work the weekend to get production schedules back on track.

Every business will face some unavoidable challenges at times and is during those tough times that teams and people show what they are made of. Well done to the Dowell Smithfield team!


14 October 2014

Looking good on the road

Dowell has recently been working through a program of refreshing all of its company cars and trucks with our new logos and designs.

Keep a lookout and you might see one of our vehicles out on the road today!


12 June 2014

The new look!

Since 1860, Dowell Windows has always taken the lead as a Market Leader by being innovative and professional at all we do.

Our new ‘Dowell Uniform’ just says it all! Professional, Smart and approachable.

It stems from our Production area, to our Sales Force and to our State and National Office’s.


06 December 2013

ThermaLine approved by Sensitive Choice®

ThermaLine Windows and Doors have been approved by the National Asthma Council Australia's Sensitive Choice® program.

The Sensitive Choice® blue butterfly symbol is a way of recognising products and services that may be better for people with asthma and allergies.

Assessed by an independent panel, products and services carrying the butterfly have attributes that assist with reducing exposure to triggers.

Dowell is supporting the National Asthma Council Australia's efforts to improve asthma and allergy care.

      • In choosing a ThermaLine™ window or door you are choosing to lower the likelihood of condensation formation, thereby lowering the risk of dust mite and mould growth.

      • The Dowell ThermaLine™ range has exceptional Air Infiltration performance – an important factor if the conditions inside a home are to be strictly controlled.

      • ThermaLine has market leading thermal performance that can mean significant energy savings in a home

    • Product is 100% recyclable.

ThermaLine™ windows and doors are double glazed, thermally broken aluminium frames. All ThermaLine products have been independently tested and verified in accordance with the Australian Window Association Windows Energy Rating Scheme (wers.net.au).

For more information on ThermaLine™ please contact us