Dowell ThermaLine™
HIA Product of the Year 2012

Dowell has been creating innovative window and door solutions in Australia, since 1860.

Holding true to its name, Dowell added a sliding door and four new energy efficient windows into its ThermaLine™ range. These windows and doors herald a new era in affordable, energy efficient design and in 2012 was awarded the HIA GreenSmart product of the year award.

HIA Judges stated; “ThermaLine™ windows are a versatile, high performing and cost effective aluminium window range. The new ThermaLine™ frame has a similar thermal performance to the installed glass. With Uw-values* as low as 1.7, the windows are rated the best in its class.

The low Uw-values benefit homes with large amounts of glazing to achieve 6 stars or better. The product range consists of an awning window, fixed window, sliding window and sliding door designed to be a cost effective solution for energy savings to the residential housing market.”

Dowell ThermaLine™

Dowell ThermaLine™ windows and doors are double glazed, thermally broken aluminium frames that are approved by the National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice® program. With Dowell ThermaLine™ condensation and the likelihood of mould growth is reduced, creating a healthy and comfortable living environment.

The Sensitive Choice® blue butterfly symbol is a way of recognising products and services that may be better for people with asthma and allergies.

Reference source: * Australian Window Association [online] Available:;; (13 November 2014); Testing based on an average house containing 8% area of glazing in the entire building fabric (windows, walls, floor and roof).



Dowell ThermaLine™

During winter (cooler climates) Dowell ThermaLine™ windows help reduce cool air entering the home and help keep warm air indoors. Condensation is reduced considerably, which often occurs as a result of large differences in temperature between the interior and exterior environments.

In summer (warmer climates) Dowell ThermaLine™ windows help act as a buffer against the hot air outside, minimising the transfer of heat into a building. Dowell ThermaLine™ will help minimise the loss of cool air, reducing the size and need for air-conditioners.

U-value is a measure of heat transfer/loss in a building element. Lower U-values indicate higher levels of insulation. Dowell ThermaLine™ window and door product range consistently produce very low Uw-values.

Solar Heat Gain Co-Efficient (SHGC) is a measure of how much solar radiation passes through a window. For comfort during the summer months, the smaller the SHGC the better. With SHGC’s as low as 0.18* for the hotter climates and SHGC of 0.55* for the cooler climates, the Dowell ThermaLine™ range will help provide year-round comfort in a home.





Dowell ThermaLine™

As much as 49% of the heat lost during winter and as much as 87% of the heat gained during summer can come from the windows*.

In Melbourne around 75% of household energy usage is for heating, while in Brisbane, around 90% of energy is used for cooling homes. The emphasis on selecting the right product to reduce heat loss in a colder climate and reduce heat gain in a hotter climate should be an important decision to achieve greater comfort and energy efficiency. Choosing the right product and glazing option will help.

The award winning Dowell ThermaLine™ product range with its custom glazing options provides outstanding comfort, noise reduction and energy efficiency, all factors that are highly desired when constructing a new home or renovating an old one.

Reference source: * Australian Window Association [online] Available:;; (13 November 2014); Testing based on an average house containing 8% area of glazing in the entire building fabric (windows, walls, floor and roof).

Dowell ThermaLine™

The most energy efficient windows result from a combination of both an insulated frame and the right glass (Dowell ThermaLine™ offers a range of double glazed glass options) to achieve superior energy performance.

The Dowell ThermaLine™ frame is made with aluminium
– a uniquely strong, lightweight, ductile, corrosion resistant material that can also be recycled – with insulation properties added into the frame to ensure minimal transfer of heat.

The thermal break technology in Dowell ThermaLine™ is created using a highly engineered polyamide (plastic) strip that acts as a thermal barrier between the outer and inner aluminium components of the window frame. This minimises the transfer of heat and cold through the window frame, resulting in improved energy efficiency.



Dowell ThermaLine™

Dowell ThermaLine™ gives you BIGGER windows with more light, a BETTER living environment and the BEST energy performance in it’s class.


With an ever-increasing need to find the most effective ways to design and build more energy efficient homes, choosing a Dowell ThermaLine™ energy efficient window is an easy solution.


Dowell ThermaLine™ superior thermal performance allows you to add more windows or more floor area without compromising home energy ratings, helping create a brighter and more spacious home environment.


In most climates Dowell ThermaLine™ assists the designer to achieve star rating improvement from 4 to 5 and up to 6 stars or greater.

* As verified by the Windows Energy Rating Scheme (WERS). Reference source: WERS [online] Available:, based on thermally broken aluminium windows and doors (13 November 2014)

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