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Published on January 14, 2021

Dowell ThermaLineTM

Attaining energy efficiency within your home offers a powerful and cost-effective tool for achieving a sustainable energy future. Improvements in energy efficiency can reduce the need for investment in energy infrastructure, cut energy bills, increase comfort and improve ones personal health. Other environmental benefits can also be achieved by the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and local air pollution.

The energy performance of buildings is greatly influenced by local conditions. In most climates Dowell ThermaLine™ assists the designer to achieve star rating improvement from 4 to 5 and up to 6 stars or greater.

With an ever-increasing need to find the most effective ways to design and build more energy efficient homes, choosing a Dowell ThermaLine™ energy efficient window is an easy solution.

Dowell ThermaLine™ superior thermal performance allows you to add more windows or more floor area without compromising home energy ratings, helping create a brighter and more spacious home environment.

Limited ability to change orientation on some building sites requires high performance windows. The design can either increase window size or increase energy rating or a combination of both.

*As verified by the Windows Energy Rating Scheme (WERS). Reference source: WERS [online] Available:, based on thermally broken aluminium windows and doors (13 November 2014)

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