Dowell Sustainability Statement

Founded in 1860, Dowell Windows has been in the building industry for over 160 years, with a core focus on manufacturing windows and doors. We are proudly Australian-owned and operated and continue to grow on our strengths in the residential building market. Our fundamental goal is to develop sustainable window and door systems for our customers at the highest standard.
We acknowledge our responsibilities and duties towards creating a sustainable community around us. As such, Dowell is proud to release its sustainability statement. This demonstrates our commitment to achieving critical sustainable goals. We achieve them in a ‘sustainable’ way such that our strategies augment company growth as we reach our sustainable milestones. These milestones are guided by some of the pressing issues of our times, ranging from tackling unsustainable procurement practices to future-proofing our cities and communities.
It is now evident that the world is facing a confluence of crises that threaten the future growth of our cities and local communities. Accelerated global warming, biodiversity loss and unsustainable consumption of natural resources, just to name a few. These crises may only be viewed as environmental issues but are, in fact, looming economic disasters for our future generations.
Against this backdrop, we at Dowell are committed to acting pragmatically to protect the environment and community whilst working for our stakeholders and customers. We accept that achieving high sustainability standards is no longer optional; it is the new norm. As a major window and door fabricator, we want our buying strategies, in-house policies, and corporate activities to demonstrate our ambition for Dowell to be at the forefront of sustainability best practices.
We continue to explore our position as a sustainable company while improving our processes and policies to create a net positive impact on our customers, staff, the environment, and the broader society. In doing so, we, by default, demonstrate commitment to supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG).
Dowell’s Sustainability Program is based on an integrated best practices approach. It looks holistically at asset-level, legal, regulatory, and operational business considerations. It is spearheaded by a dedicated steering committee that reviews key sustainability trends that are critical to sound operational decisions.

Dowell has identified three fundamental spheres of improvement for its sustainability program.
These three fundamental spheres cover the core sustainable issues relevant to the business.
at the center of who we are.
at the core of what we do.
things that encompass our operations which we continue to improve.



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Our people are the most important part of our business.
Our people are the most important part of our business. We pride in our inclusiveness and cultural diversity. We support our employees to develop and achieve their best. Over the years, our people have shown great resilience and helped us navigate confidently through crisis such as the Covid-19 pandemic, floods and bushfires. We believe that by investing in our human resources, we can create long term value for our business, our customers and the community around us. While we care about our employees, we expect our business partners to reciprocate the same by conducting fairly and with integrity.


At Dowell Windows, we are guided by the principle of future-proofing our cities and communities. This means developing products that have a long service life and increased durability. Our ThermaLine range of windows and doors is a great demonstration of our commitment to reducing the carbon footprint. These energy efficient window systems not only help to reduce green-house-gas emissions but also provide a comfortable living environment for the building occupants. This is why we were awarded the HIA Product of the Year for ThermaLine range back in 2012 when we led the industry through our research and innovation. Our ongoing works include understanding the embodied energy of our products and how to best minimise it.


We have robust processes and policies in place to support company growth. We take pride in compliance with the relevant laws and regulations. Nonetheless, we always make efforts to improve our processes so that we align with the best practices of the time. Our sustainable procurement policies direct us to support local partners and we continue to improve our sustainable procurement models. We have embarked on the digital transformation journey and are now confident to make decisions based on evidence and data. We believe our process improvement techniques combined with digital power will take us towards the path of decarbonising the future.

Together with our staff, customers and stakeholders, Dowell commits to create a meaningful impact on our local communities that we all love and live in.

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