Dowell Manufacturers Limited Warranty

Dowell warrants windows and doors against defects arising from faulty workmanship for a period of 7 years from the date of delivery to site, subject to the following conditions:

    • The customer has provided the correct wind loading requirements (window rating) appropriate to the location of the building and height and position of the windows in that building, in accordance with the then current Australian Standards.
    • The product has been installed in accordance with Australian Standards AS2047 (as amended or replaced), recognized building practice, The Australian Glass and Window Association’s Window
      Installation guide or the Dowell installation recommendations.
    • This warranty does not extend to products that are installed in contact with a continuously damp or moist building environment or to corrosion or deterioration of products exposed to marine (salt) or heavy industrial affected environments.
    • The product has been installed and maintained (refer to the link below for maintenance recommendations) in accordance with Dowell recommendations. The product has not been subject to misuse, physical abuse or neglect. Dowell Product Care Information
    • Manufacturing standards and tolerances (as outlined in AS 2047) and industry variations in the colour of aluminium and timber componentry will not be accepted as defects.
    • Dowell accepts no responsibility for glass breakage (except for faulty workmanship or materials). Defects in glass will only be accepted if they fall outside the recommendations as set out in AS4667 – Quality of cut to size glass.
    • Dowell accepts no liability for thermal cracking of glass, which is not uncommon in thermally efficient glasses such as low ‘e’ coated glass products.
    • Moving parts that wear out because of normal use are warranted for two years.
    • Tarnish or excessive wear of soft finishes such as Bronze, Brass and other Antique finishes are not covered by this warranty, as deterioration is possible under some climatic conditions, frequency of use or other factors.
    • Dowell Standard Interpon D1000 powder coating is supported by the Interpon Residential Warranty* covering both color and film integrity. Designed exclusively for residential applications,
      projects must meet the following criteria for the warranty to apply:

      • Application to aluminum only
      • Residential applications equivalent to Volume 2 (pertains primarily to Class 1 or Class 10 building) of the National Construction Code of Australia
      • No greater than three (3) levels above ground
      • Located greater than 100 meters from any coastline


*Conditions apply to the Interpon D1000 Bronze Global Residential warranty. Refer to the Interpon website https://specifyinterpon.com/products/d1000/

  • Only repairs carried out by Dowell personnel or authorized agents are covered by this warranty.
  • Dowell assumes no liability for damage caused by cleaning agents or brick cleaning acids.
  • Where Dowell has installed the product on site, Dowell warrants the installation works against defects caused by faulty workmanship for a period of 7 years from the date of the installation on site.
  • Subject to the provisions of this Warranty, Dowell warrants that the insulated glass unit product shall, for a period of 7 years from the date of manufacture:
    • Remain free from material obscuration of vision resulting from moisture or film formation or dust collection on the interior glass surfaces of the air or argon space under normal conditions of use that is visible from 3 metres in normal viewing conditions.
  • This warranty does not apply to insulated glass units installed at altitudes of 800 meters or more above mean sea level, unless breather tubes or capillary tubes have been installed and these tubes have subsequently been sealed after sufficient acclimatisation has occurred at final altitude.
  • Claims under this warranty must be made within one month of the defect arising in the product. Copies of documentation showing the purchase date must be included with your written claim and forwarded to the registered office or Dowell in the state of purchase.
  • This warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the faulty product at the discretion of Dowell but does not extend to the installation or re-finishing of a replacement product. There is no liability for any other claims, damages or costs whether special consequential or otherwise.
  • This warranty is provided in addition to any warranty or guarantee imposed by LAW.